Why should you focus on gardening and landscaping for your health?

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Swaddling the flowers is like swaddling a newborn baby. Flowers are like your child; vegetables and fruits perfectly reward your hard labour and landscape your legacy. Yes, proper gardening is important. Gardening and landscaping are very much in trend. In fact, they have never been felt as beneficial and rewarding as now. It is like a mini ecosystem to the Landscape gardeners Epsom. Besides, there are a lot of benefits of implementing proper gardening and landscaping.


    • Reap what you sow – This saying goes perfect for you. You, being the gardener of your garden, surely consume more vegetables as product of your labour and as a result you will eat less processed food in due course. Therefore, you are more likely to take in more minerals, vitamins and antioxidants than those who don’t garden.


    • Provide steady supply of healthy food – Every year, culinary goodness of gardening can be seen in the pantries, kitchens and even in the grocery stores. You can get ample vegetables like pumpkins, squash and fruits like apples during fall, the traditional harvest season. Some vegetables can be left over to ensure a consistent supply of food that can be harvested during spring and summer.


    • Ensure moderate exercise – Though it is no marathon, gardening and landscaping ensure moderate amount of exercise. Digging, kneeling, raking, lifting equipment – all of these are done repetitively for hours without almost no break and this increases heart rate and blood circulation while working well on the muscles. And thus gardening and landscaping are often considered to be moderate level of exercise and perfect for Landscape gardeners in Epsom undergoing physical rehabilitation or having difficulty with moving.


    • Decrease stress – Gardening literally improve mood by lowering level of cortisol, the primary stress hormone. While the stress level gets decreased, you can be more relaxed. Low stress level also enhances immunity while enabling you to be more productive.


    • Build dexterity and hand strength – With ageing, people lose their hand strength and dexterity. And this often narrows down the activities pleasurable to enjoy. But gardening effectively conditions hand muscles to keep them agile, flexible and strong. When involved in gardening, you alternatively use your right and left hands and that ensures better dexterity.


    • Boost mental and emotional health – People involved in gardening and landscaping significantly reduce the risk of developing dementia. On the other hand, horticultural therapy has become popular to treat depression and other mental ailments while increasing mental focus.


    • Increase vitamin D level – Gardening ensures steady supply of nutrients through their harvest. But harvested vegetables and fruits hardly contain vitamin D, also known as sunshine vitamin as sunlight is the key source of this vitamin. Vitamin D works efficiently to prevent severe conditions like hyperparathyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis and rickets (in children).



These are some of the most prominent health benefits of gardening and landscaping. Though these ensure health benefits, for perfect outcome, DIYer should get help from Landscape gardeners Epsom. They are the right people to help you with your gardening goals. Once you learn from them especially the delicate sides of gardening, you can handle the whole thing on your own, later on.

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