Which Is Better for Stone Paving: Limestone or Sandstone?

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One of the first things that people notice when they enter your property is the driveway. Imagine going somewhere and having a concussion because of a poorly constructed driveway. It will end up butchering the first impression. And when it comes to driveways, nothing matches the look and utility of a stone-paved driveway. But the dilemma continues. Sandstone and limestone are the most popular choices when it comes to stone paving. Here are a few facts that will help you in deciding if you should opt for limestone or sandstone paving in Surrey.

  • Durability: both the stones are incredibly sturdy and durable. They are sure to last you a very long time. If you look at it, it is a permanent investment on your property. You might want to be careful if you live in a very harsh climate. Regular water seepage will cause the stones to get damaged over a long period. If you have extreme seasons in your area, choose darker shades of the rocks. The lighter shades are slightly more porous, but the darker ones will not be affected by extreme weather. Even the lighter shades survive harsh weather conditions pretty well. It takes a long time for you to see a difference.
  • Versatility: this is also a very close call. Both the stones are very versatile. They are easy to handle, and you can see the desired design come to life without much difficulty. Limestone, mainly, has been used more inside the house while sandstone remains a popular choice for the driveways.
  • Aesthetic: sandstone is a clear winner when it comes to the looks. It comes in a variety of hues that are comparatively greater than that of limestone. You can choose from a selection of reds, yellows, creams, greys and browns when choosing from sandstones. The warm tones are perfect to fit in with the natural environment of your yard or garden. You can also create modern and contemporary designs with the palette.
  • Textures: sandstones also score big here. Limestones provide shiny, smooth textures along with pore-like appearances on its surface. It gives a clean and polished look. But the rustic charm of sandstones is unmatched. The rippled effect on sandstones is one of the most striking features in stone paving. The rough texture also offers a better grip and prevents slipping and sliding in unpleasant weather.
  • Cost: sometimes, it all comes down to this. The prices vary according to the type of rock you choose in both categories. If we mark a standard, sandstone is a tad bit cheaper than limestone. That is if we consider the same grade of stone chosen.

To sum up, sandstone overpowers limestone in many areas of comparison. But lime isn’t a bad option, so you opt for it as per requirement. BT Jobson is the right company to help you with sandstone paving in Surrey. They make sure that the work is well done without compromising on the quality. They have very competitive prices so that the job isn’t cumbersome in your pocket.

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