What to Consider Before Laying Artificial Lawns in Your Home?

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Do you wish to have a relaxing garden where you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors? Are you on the lookout for ways to enhance the appeal of your property’s exteriors? Installing artificial lawns in Wallington can be a great way to make your outdoor space attractive. Trust us; lawns made from artificial grass can make your property stand out from the rest on the block!

A lush green lawn can be a valuable addition to every home. While it’s true that they give us a lot of enjoyment, they demand a lot of time, patience and skill to maintain one. For this reason, many homeowners all throughout the UK are now switching to artificial grass. Differentiating modern synthetic grass from the natural turf is very difficult since they drain just like the real thing and is comfortable to play on.


Here’re a few vital factors you must consider before laying lawns made of artificial grass.

4 Vital Factors to Consider When Installing Artificial Lawns In Wallington

  1. Garden Traffic

The foremost thing to consider is the amount of traffic in the area where you wish to install the grass on. When purchasing synthetic lawn, think if you have kids or pets who love playing outdoor games. If you need to use the turf-covered area more often in the future, opt for a lawn which has great durability. Remember; installing a less durable grass in areas which witnesses heavy traffic daily will lead to the quick wear out of your turf.

  1. Pile Height

The pile height of turf refers to the grass blades’ length from above the backing to its tip. If you want to achieve a lush green-looking lawn, choosing a turf with taller pile height may seem to be logical. However, keep in mind that lengthier grass blades will be much heavier and will bend over themselves due to gravitational pull. As a result, your yard will look flat with the passage of time.

So, to keep your lawn looking natural, you must opt for a pile height of 30-37 mm.

  1. Infill & Backing

This is one of the vital considerations which you must keep in mind when purchasing synthetic grass. Lawns made of artificial grass are designed to be infilled to keep the turf looking lush green. Infill even helps in keeping the turf springy. Sand and rubber crumb are some of the most popular infill materials and you can choose either of them for your grass depending on your budget and preference.

  1. Achieving A Natural Look

It goes without saying that most lawns do not appear like a well-rooted football pitch or a bowling green at the start of a season since the turf requires some imperfections for it to seem real. For this very reason, many manufacturers of synthetic grass create their lawns with flecks of some brown roots. This way, they make the turf look realistic and yet seem like a well-tended patch of green grass.

Now that you are aware of the key considerations, what are you still waiting for? It’s time to enhance the kerb appeal of your outdoor space by installing an artificial lawn!

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