Ways to Keep the Sandstone Pavement Looking Good

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A good sandstone pavement is an attractive garden landscaping idea. It brings about a classy look and also increases the curb appeal of the property. The warm and versatile colours of the sandstone make for an eye-catching finish and an excellent fit for garden paving. However, to ensure its long-lasting appearance, regular maintenance is highly crucial. Consult the professional company for sandstone paving in Surrey for a better outcome.

  • Care and Maintenance For the Sandstone Pavement  

No matter which place you live, any patio or paved area needs proper maintenance to look its best. No matter how much you invest in expensive materials, you should ensure it’s well laid. There is no such thing as a “maintenance free pavement.” Hence to keep it in prime condition, you should follow some basic maintenance routine.

  • Giving the Sandstone Pavement A New Lease of Life  

Even if you opt for a basic soapy wash down, the pavement will look much better than an unclean pavement. For certain types of pavement, you need to render additional care and maintenance, thus seeing that they look brand new and fresh. Even with regular cleaning, you can give your pavement a new lease of life with minimal effort.  

For sandstone paving, discolouration is a big problem. The slabs lose their sheen, colour and texture. Especially factors like high traffic, the types of plants surrounding the area, and the slab proximity to the water are responsible for making the sandstone pavement look dirty and stained.  

The sandstone porosity is also a crucial and integral factor. These are porous stones that demand special attention. Hence you should pay special attention to this.

  • Avoid Using Products That Cause Stone Discolouration

Do not use harmful chemical bleaches, which will cause permanent damage to the sandstone. Mostly those cleaning solutions which have iron are likely to emanate a rust colour on the paving slabs. This becomes a huge problem and is difficult to remove later.

  • Follow Simple Cleaning

Use a diluted mixture of household bleach to remove algae, moss and dirt. Pour it on the sandstone pavement for 30 minutes, and then wash it off with plenty of water. The element of sodium hypochlorite will kill the algae and moss effectively.  

You can also opt for Sandstone Pavement power washing, especially low-pressure cleaning is recommended.  

Consult B&T Jobson Landscape gardeners to get high-quality sandstone paving for long-lasting effectiveness. 

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