The Best Plants for Landscaping You Should Know About

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Landscaping can hugely contribute to increasing aesthetic appeal of the house. Many consider the process to be complicated and high maintaining. However, with the right approach and the guidance, landscaping in Epsom with an aesthetic approach can be fascinating and affordable.

Here is a list of few of the best plants for landscaping you should know about

  • Hardy Geraniums:

    These flowers blossom in the summer and are planted during spring. They are grown in moist, well-drained and organically rich soil. They are available in white, blue, pink and other colours.

  • Dianthus:

    These are beautiful fragrant flowers available in a wide variety of colours. They are low growing and short-lived. They should be planted on average, loose and well-drained soil. Dianthus can be planted during spring or early fall.

  • Hydrangea:

    These are flowering shrubs which can increase the appeal of your landscape. They are available in a variety of colours. It must be planted in well-drained moist soil rich in organic material. Make sure to water hydrangeas regularly during the dry season.

  • Juniper:

    These are one of the easiest to maintain shrubs. They can be planted in average well-drained soil. Make sure to fertilize these shrubs during early spring. These shrubs are characterized by yellow, green foliage. However, during fall and winter, it takes on bronze-orange tones.

  • Peony:

    This is another fragrant spring flower deciduous in nature. These must be planted during summer and fall. It requires well-drained soil mixed with compost or other organic materials.

  • Barberry:

    These are deciduous plants with thorny stems. They form a strong foundation for the plant. These shrubs are dense and drought tolerant. Make sure to plant barberries during spring in moist but well-drained soil.

  • Smoke Tree:

    These are deciduous shrubs which can be grown as large or small trees. The reddish-purple leaves of the smoke trees turn scarlet during the fall. Make sure to plant smoke trees in full sun and use the average garden soil which drains quickly.

  • Adonis:

    Adonis is a cheerful yellow flower which blooms during early spring. The exposure to sunlight is healthy for the growth of this flower. Make sure to water it regularly to maintain moderate moisture in the soil.

  • Lenten Rose:

    Lenten rose is not a type of rose if you are thinking so. These are cup-shaped flowers which grow in clusters. These flowers are available in a wide variety of colour ranging from white to pink and purple. It blooms during early spring and continues to produce flowers for 8 to 10 weeks. Make sure to water these flowers regularly during hot and dry weather to keep the soil moist.

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