Taking Care Of Sandstone Paving In Surrey Is Now Easier

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Sandstone paving has almost become a trend nowadays. It has a natural appeal of its own and can make your outdoor area stand out. Choose sandstone for your next paving project, and you can reap numerous benefits. They are available in various colours like grey, green, beige, black, cream, dark brown, brown, light green, red, pink, white and yellow, among others. They are also available in various patterns, so each stone has a unique appearance. If you want to make the most of the pavers, choose a reputable company installing sandstone paving in Surrey and follow few tips to take proper care of them. The objective is to make them look great for years with minimal maintenance.

Few Tips To Take Proper Care of Sandstone Paving In Your Property

  • Clean The Pavers Everyday

You can keep the pavers in top condition by following a customised cleaning regime. Wipe them with a damp cloth or mop to get rid of the dust and grit. It is advisable not to use chemical products as they can damage the paving material. You can get rid of the stains with a pH balanced chemical cleanser. Rinse the area thoroughly with water to remove excess cleanser. Pat them dry with a towel. Leaves can also cause stains on the pavers, so sweep them at fixed intervals.

  • Seal Them

Generally, sandstone pavers are a bit porous and soft, making them capable of absorbing a lot of water. An easy way you can keep the natural look of your sandstone paving intact is by sealing them. It will keep the stone protected against oil, stains and grease. You should choose the type of sealer very carefully as some of them can discolour the sandstone. The company you have approached for sandstone paving in Surrey can help you choose the right type of sealer. It is not only about the type of sealer you are using; you should also follow the right sealing technique.

  • Give Them Some Extra Care

Getting back the lost appeal of sandstone pavers can become a challenge if you fail to clean them regularly. If the sandstone is sealed, you have to use heavier cleaning techniques. If you think that you can give the sandstone pavers a deep clean by using rigorous cleaning techniques, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Using the wrong method can discolour the pavers. To clean sandstone thoroughly, choose chlorine and water instead of chemicals.

Follow the tips stated above and get in touch with the experts at B & T Johnson Landscape Gardeners to take proper care of sandstone paving.

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