Landscaping In Epsom? 4 Effective Tips To Save Water In Your Garden

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If you think that saving water in your garden is a challenging and time-consuming process, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Get in touch with the right landscaper and they will share some easy and useful tips to reduce your water bills. They are aware of the fact that buying water-saving equipment is a one-time investment. You can try a DIY or get it installed by someone professional. Plan a year-round appeal and get rid of the monotonous yard. You can also undertake a few easy steps to keep your community’s water supply protected.

Few Tips To Save Water During Landscaping In Epsom

  • Install Automatic Shut-Off Device

Though there are numerous benefits of installing an automatic rain shut-off device, there are still a few people who have not installed it in their property yet. This is because they think that these water-saving equipment are too expensive. This is just a myth which people need to debunk. Not only are they affordable but the installation process is also quite easy. The device instructs the irrigation system controller to shut off after a certain amount of rain has fallen. This helps in keeping your lawn protected and lower your water bills.

  • Use Energy-Efficient Emitters

The emitter technology has become quite advanced in the last few years. Just install drip irrigation emitters, rotors or sprinkler heads in your garden and saving water during landscaping will become easier. If you are planning to upgrade to water-efficient emitters but don’t know which equipment to opt for, get in touch with experienced landscapers and they will suggest a suitable model. You can also hire a local irrigation expert and they will suggest more efficient alternatives after inspecting the system.

  • Get Rid Of Leaks

You will be surprised to know that even a very small leak on the emitter, outdoor faucet or hose can waste thousands gallons of water every year. Stay prepared to pay high water bills if there are numerous water leaks. People generally ignore outdoor leaks are they aren’t noticed easily. The easiest way to eliminate all the leaks is by hiring a competent landscape gardener. Not only will they visit your property at frequent intervals but also repair them within the shortest span of time. If you are planning to maintain the garden yourself, make sure you inspect the leaks at least once every week.

  • Install Rain Barrels

Numerous homeowners in Epsom have started installing rain barrels in their garden as they are beneficial for plants. The water accumulated in the barrel is free from salts and chemicals which are generally present in city-water or groundwater sources. There are even a few municipalities offering incentives to people installing a rain barrel. These water-saving devices are inexpensive. The rainwater collected can be easily integrated with your existing irrigation system.

These being said, it’s time to follow the tips stated above and hire an experienced landscaper if you want to save water and keep your water bills low.

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