Landscaping for Small Yards – Ideas that Will Change Your Views

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Not every homeowner is blessed with a big backyard where they can have a fabulous landscape. Does that mean people with small backyard cannot have a beautiful landscape at all? Certainly not! They can also have a nice and cosy garden in their small backyard.

The landscaping experts can make it possible for them to create a well-planned garden within that limited space. People who live in properties with tighter outdoor spaces in Epsom can opt for these below-mentioned ideas to get a stunning landscape.

Best Gardening Tips for Small Yards

Get Container Gardens: If you have an outdoor space which is mostly covered by decking or patio and lack good soil, you can try to get a container garden. Add colourful pots, hanging bowels, repurposes wooden boxes and other types of containers to create a striking garden without using much soil.

Utilise the Vertical Space: When you have limited space beneath your feet, you can utilise the space you have above your head. Yes, we are talking about creating a vertical garden which is a popular trend in modern landscaping. Use the fences as well as the door walls and the patio to create such wonderful vertical garden within a small space.

Cover the Patio with Plants: Instead of using paving and stones to decorate your patio, you can get different types of plants for the same. Use low-water ground covers, thymes and other plants to get a cover for your flagstone pathway and decks. This will add features to your patio.

Utilise the Side Areas: When the space is short, but you are not ready to miss a single inch of it, you need to be a bit calculative. Incorporate the side yard into your landscaping design to get the maximum space. You can have a small kitchen garden.

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