Know about Top Eco-friendly Solutions for Your Landscape Garden

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A landscaped garden is a treat to the eye. At the same time, it is a pain in the neck when you find the beautiful yard wet and soggy. You need to take professional assistance from landscape gardeners in Sutton and analyse eco-friendly ways to get an ideal solution for the problem.

Landscaped garden needs to be maintained. The most crucial aspect of a garden is its drainage. You need to check out whether the drainage is in full flow. Else you face the music when natural elements like rain, hail or snow play a spoiler.

Lack of maintenance is good enough reason for the soggy soil issues of the garden. But help is always available in the form of landscape gardeners who have solutions to fight drainage failure.

What Does the Landscape Gardeners Do?

The landscape gardeners are experts in analysing poor drainage conditions and factors that encourage frequent flooding in the garden. It might be of wet weather, stormwater or there may be other reasons like:

  • Construction of larger homesoccupies more space, leaving less space for drainage network.
  • Felling of large trees which could have soaked the excess groundwater

Do not let puddles of water make your garden look ugly. Give it immediate attention and take a closer look to improve drainage network.

The Top Eco-friendly Drainage Solutions

Resort to these eco-friendly solutions to let water drain away quickly from the yard:

  • Create dry creeks to form an outlet for the accumulated water into the main drainage area, apart from the house. Keep it integrated with the landscape by decorating it with boulders and water plants.
  • Rain gardens, bowl-shaped landscaped beds, collect rainwaterthat slowly gets filtered in the soil. The filtration helps the streams and ponds to remain protected from the salt, fertilisers, and pesticides getting mixed in the water. The rain gardens also help in offering a habitat for the pollinators and a thriving wildlife.
  • Hidden French drains with perforated pipes help to channelise the surface water to catch basins. You can keep them hidden with the help of soil and different landscape fabrics. As the land is seeded, they are automatically buried underground.
  • Rain barrels have a dual purpose; collected chlorine-free rainwater can be used in gardening. An estimated 623 gallons of water can be obtained from one inch of rain falling on a thousand square feet of area.
  • Include more trees in the garden and do not chop the existing ones for the sake of landscape beautification. They also help in preventing flooding and ponding by drinking hundreds of gallons of water every day.

Get in touch with B&T Jobson Landscape Gardeners for finding an effective drainage solution for your landscaped garden. They have master ideas to solve problems of the swampy yard, wet basement and flooded garage. 

Waterlogging of gardens can be controlled with pro-active maintenance of the drainage network. Professional landscape gardeners in Sutton have delivered results. Rule out chances of unwanted flooding and ponding issues in your green acre of grass.


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