Five Special Driveway Ideas for Contemporary Homes

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A modern driveway has the capability to improve the curb appeal of the home. Beautiful driveways made for high-end homes play a crucial role in enhancing curb appeal. Moreover, driveways are not just known for their good looks. They should be functional, practical and long-lasting. Given this requirement, you should choose carefully after consulting the professionals for the driveway in Epsom

In this blog, we have discussed some unique driveway ideas suitable for contemporary, modern homes. These designs will steer you in the correct direction to increase property value.

Driveway Ideas for Modern Homes

  1. Valet Style Driveways 

Concrete driveways attract more oil stains and dirt. So, if you have a beautiful surrounding green garden, you should build the driveway like a valet ready country club designed one. The permeable stone pavers are the best driveway surface with stormwater drainage, which perfectly complements the grassy green look all around. The appropriate drainage makes it suitable for areas that collect a lot of water.

  1.  Old World Charm 

Most homeowners prefer to go with brick pavements/driveways to keep the old-school charm. They render a more lived-in look for the entire property. They are stain-resistant and more abrasive. This way, it turns out to be less slippery. However, you should use the latest modern brick pavers instead of clay bricks. They cannot handle the extreme weight and tend to break under pressure. You should also keep in mind the environment and your neighbourhood while building the driveway.

  1.  Large Driveways  

A grand contemporary home deserves a grand, newly built driveway. The style and colours you choose will reflect the aesthetics of the property and the preference of the homeowners. While traditional homes go with natural stone driveways, modern homes look great with grey paving and elegant patterns. Experts suggest the idea of a cobbled driveway done using a mix of colours and engineered for low maintenance.

  1.  Block Paving for a Patterned Look 

Over the recent years, block paving has become an increasingly popular option. It is now a preferred choice for every household. It allows a range of colour patterns and style options to make your driveway standout from the rest. Further, it complements the property as well.   

A benefit of block paving driveways is the longevity it offers. You can repair it easily while it looks brand new as well. A major drawback of installing the block paving is the time and cost involved. However, it is known to create a visually enhancing impact which turns out to be a benefit for homeowners.

  1.  Mixed Stone Tiles  

You can use multi-hued stone tiles for the house driveway. They make for a charming home exterior. You can enhance the surroundings by adding greenery elements, which makes for a classic, charming and overall quaint look. Stone driveways are more natural-looking than cobblestones. But they might demand more maintenance for a long-term stay.

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