Common Mistakes to Avoid in Artificial Grass Installation

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Are you installing the artificial grass of your home or office all by yourself? Well, that can be a fun yet tricky job. If you want to install the grass flawlessly, you would need to avoid some common mistakes.

Any artificial lawn Surrey professional can help you install the artificial grass rolls correctly. Keep reading, to know which mistakes to keep away from –

1.Installation of Artificial Grass on Uneven Surface

Correct all the rough places first, before you start with installing the artificial grass. Even if it seems like the smallest unevenness, it can become a massive issue if you try to install artificial grass on it.

2.Space Between the Artificial Grass Rolls

It is necessary to join all the rolls of the artificial grass together. There must not be any gap in between each roll. You must maintain the evenness and level of the rolls. The joints should be tightly attached.

3.Not Applying Weed Barrier

If you are not taking enough prevention against weeds, they can grow even under the artificial grass. Hence, you need to add a weed barrier on the surface before you start installing the rolls.

4.Waterlogging Due to Inappropriate Drainage

Even if it seems like there is no chance of waterlogging, it is still essential to create the right drainage system before you start installing the artificial grass. Hence, it is vital to take all the proper measures to avoid it.

5.Not Taking care of the Edges

This is the most commonly made a mistake. Many forget to take care of the depth of the lawn. Otherwise, it might lead to a hazardous situation in the future. It can lead to wear and tear of the artificial rolls, and you can even lose items under it.

Making mistakes is quite common and obvious, but you can avoid them and be the perfectionist. If this seems a lot of work to you, you can hire B & T Jobson Landscape. They have the right artificial lawn installing experts, and their rates are reasonable as well.  

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