5 Winter Landscaping Tips to Spruce up Your Garden This Christmas

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A beautiful garden attributes your sweet home with a unique charm.   It is a wrong notion that a garden is a place to be enjoyed only during the warmer months of the years. During winter, it tends to lose most of its charm with the snow spreading a white blanket to cover up the beauty.  A little effort can change the entire scenario, and you can surely have enough reason to look at it through the glass window and cherish the pleasant aura. Here are five useful winter landscaping tips to help you achieve a beautiful goal to feel happy. You can implement these with the help of a professional company doing landscaping in Epsom.

  1. Go for Coloured and Textured Barks

Choosing plants with exciting and colourful barks helps to break free the monotony of winter to a great extent and will add a splash of colour to the snowy settings. Maple varieties with bright red and orange peeling barks, River birch with a beautiful cinnamon tint in the bark or Dogwoods with scaly textured barks are great options to flaunt your garden with pride.

  1. Plant Evergreens

Winter is the perfect time to plant evergreen varieties in your garden. They transform the entire winter landscape. There are several varieties in green, yellow, red, and gold. Different types of Pines and Spruce are ideal evergreen options to deck up your garden in beauty.

  1. Opt for All-Season Perennials

Choosing a wide range of perennials with evergreen foliage will offer a colourful landscaping to your garden throughout winter. Getting help from an experienced and landscaper providing landscaping in Epsom will make an effort more meaningful. Ornamental grasses like prairie dropseed and bluestem grass are great choices. Prairie Dropseed takes up an orange or copper tint as winter gets colder. Hellebores or Dianthus are also great options for a yard decked in colour.

  1. Indulge in Hardscaping

Winter is also the right time to direst your attention to hardscaping. Adding up benches, trellis, sculptures create a fascinating backdrop for the garden.  The structures will uplift the wintry mood drastically.  

  1. Utilise the Fixtures Used During Summer

The various baskets, containers, boxes you have used during summer can also be utilised wisely during the winter season.  If used tastefully, they can be great attributes to the landscaping effort. Japanese andromeda and miniature dwarf Alberta spruce can be excellent choices for sure.

Your effort combined with professional hands of landscapers will make the project landscaping in Epsom in winter a fruitful and beautiful reason to be proud of your garden. A well attributed winter landscape will leave your yard vibrant and active during the quiet season and home will be more welcoming.

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