5 Effective Tips By Landscape Gardeners In Epsom To Save Water

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If you are too eager to save the planet, start looking for various ways you can conserve water. Not only will it help you save the environment but also money and energy. Everyone needs water for various daily activities. The less amount of water you use, you will have to pay a lower water bill. If you don’t know the best place from where you can start conserving water, choose the garden. In fact, every experienced landscape gardener believes that conserving water while gardening is quite easy.

Willing To Save Water? Few Tips By Landscape Gardeners In Epsom

  • Water Your Plants At The Right Time

Not everyone who loves watering the plants in their garden is aware of the fact that choosing the right time to water them can help them conserve water. Landscape gardeners generally advice their clients to water the garden in the morning and the plants in the afternoon. The objective is to reduce the amount of water lost due to evaporation throughout the day.

  • Mulching

Your landscape gardener is the best person you can approach if you want to know all the benefits offered by mulching. Add a few layers of mulch to the garden and you can save a lot of water. The primary usage of mulch is to reduce the rate of evaporation and soil temperature. Bark chips, pine needles and compost are few common ingredients of natural mulches. You can also spread grass clippings over the vegetable garden.

  • Plant More Native Plants

One of the primary benefits of planting native trees in your garden is that they grow naturally. It is easier for them to adjust to the climate in your city, including the soil and rainfall. Since they can take care of themselves and need minimal maintenance, you can water them less and utilise it for other purposes.

  • Choose Low Water Demanding Plants

Let your landscape gardeners in Epsom know that you are willing to conserve water and they will recommend some low water demanding plants for your garden. Replace all the high-maintenance plants in your yard with draught-tolerant plants. Not only can you conserve water but you will also need less money. Plants with fuzzy leaves or grey foliage generally need less moisture.

  • Avoid Using Excess Water

If you are one of those people who thinks that it will become easier for the plants in your garden to grow if you put excess water in the pot, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Using the right amount of water is a must to ensure your tree health. The easiest way to know whether the soil in your garden has sufficient water or not is by checking whether it is damp. Water your plants only if you notice that the soil has dried.

These being said, it’s time you start following all the tips stated above and hire experienced landscape gardener if you want to conserve water.

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